Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Right Red

Sometimes I get it in my head that I need a certain colour.  And not just a vague colour family, a specific hue.  This thought then consumes me.  I spend hours browsing websites and keeping a list of possible candidates.  I go to stores and swatch all the items on my list, and of course because my mind is so sure of what it wants, they are never exactly right, so I spend another hour frantically swatching anything and everything in the store that has even a remote chance of being The One.  I am frequently disappointed.  I also spend a lot of money needlessly, because these searches inevitably introduce me to shades that aren't what I'm looking for but are still gorgeous, and of course I have to buy them.

One day, I decided I needed a dark red.  And not just any dark red.  An almost-black, pure, vampy red.  I found a few shades online that looked promising and went to swatch them.  They were all either too light or too purple.  All I wanted was red, add black.

AND THEN.  While browsing the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tars for the shade I wanted, I saw that they had a collection of primary colours, including black and white.  I guess I had always assumed that these were for those crazy days when you need blue lips, but on this day I realized they were also intended to be used for mixing.  Mixing.  I already owned a red lip tar.  So I bought the black.

OCC "Stalker" and "Tarred"

A toothpick because I don't have proper tools.


Red.  Add black.

Omfg I'm a genius. 

It took an extra dash of black to make it come out right, so I have a swatch of the original "Stalker", and then with one drop of "Tarred" and the final colour with two drops of "Tarred". 

On the right.  Obviously.

It's not a real selfie if it wasn't taken in a bathroom.

OCC saves the day.  And saves me a bunch of money, because now when I'm struck with the need for a particular shade, I can try and mix it up for myself.  And honestly, this was super fun.  I'll be mixing and matching now just because I can.

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