Thursday, August 28, 2014

Themed Manicure: TMNT

In order to welcome Michael Bay's latest affront to my childhood, I busted out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles manicure.  Specifically, an homage to my beloved chucker, Michaelangelo.

 And obviously, the matching eyeshadow:


Side note: I asked for a little Michaelangelo on top of my collectible movie cup and the girl behind the counter asked "which one is that" and I was so sad I forgot to take a full-face photo.

Not really though.  I mean, that actually happened (RIP, small piece of my soul), but I actually have no idea why I forgot to take a full-face photo.  This is a manicure post anyway, okay? 

Here, have this instead:

Curious kitty

Nail colours are: OPI "A Roll in the Hague" and "Just Spotted the Lizard"

Eye colours are: MAC pigment "Golden Olive" and eyeshadow "Humid", with MAC chromagraphic pencil in "Genuine Orange" as liner

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