Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Out, Damned Pot

Today I tried something I never thought I would.  I depotted my makeup.

I didn't used to understand this.  A part of me still doesn't.  Why move makeup out of one package into another package?  Especially when the original package is a lot cuter than a bunch of randoms floating around in a plastic tray?

I guess I've reached the threshold at which things like this begin to make sense.  I have enough makeup that I can't keep it all close at hand.  I've bought storage.  And sometimes I forget about the things I have in that storage.  (Or am just too lazy to go get them when I do remember, which actually happens more often than I should probably admit).  And this is where depotting actually turns out to not be completely nuts.

See, I had this one, lonely MAC eyeshadow single laying around.  When I buy my own shadows, I buy the individual refills so I can put them into a custom palette, but this was a gift so it came as a normal shadow pot.  Just a lonely shadow hanging out in my samples and backups drawer, never getting used.  That drawer also had a couple of Benefit's boxed sets, which are just so bulky I can't keep them stacked with my palettes on the coffee table (yeah, I do my makeup on my living room couch).  So I decided to liberate them.

Benefit's kit packaging is actually pretty adorable.  I ripped up the Feelin' Dandy Lip and Cheek kit before I thought to take photos, but it looks basically like this except pink.

The Bronze of Champions

Because of the cute, I felt mildly weird about busting it up for a couple of days while I was thinking this over.  But once the decision was made and my flat iron was heating, I tore into that shit with zeal.  The Benefit ones were easy, since they're just cardboard.  A bit of ripping and peeling and prying and done.

Benefit "Dandelion" 
Don't do it this way

I cracked Hoola a little, so I decided to come at the shadow a bit differently.

You can see in the photo that the hard cardboard underneath is just stacked, so I peeled back those layers until I had the shadow in view, and then pried it off.  Then I scraped off the glue and was done.  Somehow I still managed to gouge the shadow a little, I don't know.  I'm a klutz.

For the MAC single, the process was a little more involved.  First I had to pry the tray holding the shadow out of the pot.  I used a pin because my kitchen knife was too thick.  Consequently, there is no photo of this step because it is impossible to use a safety pin as a pry-bar one-handed.  This is what it looks like once it's out, though:

MAC "Beauty Marked"

Then I stuck everything into a flat iron to melt the plastic and glue.  This is Hoola.

Some people use a candle to do this part, but that seems unnecessarily involved and dangerous, especially for someone as clumsy as me.  Speaking of which, do NOT try to grab the pans off the iron when you think they're done.  I burned myself no less than three times, because I just kept forgetting that they'd be hot.  Wtf, brain?  Get tongs or gloves or something.  Don't be like me.

For the MAC shadow, I just put that whole tray on there and let the bottom melt away from the pan.

Then I stuck my pin up through the melty bottom to pop the pan up enough to pull it out of there.

And then it was free!  I gouged this one too, because I guess I suck at doing simple things.

I put both the MAC and Benefit shadows into a MAC custom quad that just so happened to have two empty spaces.  You can tell which ones they are because they're the ones that are all fucked up.

Clockwise from bottom right: MAC "Aquadisiac", "Beauty Marked",
"Goldmine", Benefit "Thanks a Latte"
Weirdly, the MAC shadow didn't properly fit in there.  The pan is a bit shallower and the magnet wouldn't grip it properly.  I had assumed the MAC singles were just refills in individual packaging, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  This shadow is also a bit older than the others, so maybe MAC's packaging has changed in that time.  MAC's website says they have the same amount of product, so I don't know exactly what the issue is here.  The Benefit shadow also looks like it fits, but it's actually a tiny bit smaller diameter-wise, and again, there were issues with the magnet.  I had to stick magnets onto the bottom of both depotted pans to make them hold.

The Benefit blush and bronzer went into an empty MAC palette.  Both also needed magnets glued on to help them stick securely.

They look so lonely.

I put the empty MAC shadow tray back on the iron for long enough to make it soft, so that I could un-deform it enough to click it back into the pot.  It still looks a bit funky, but I'm hoping the store will let me Back-2-MAC it anyway.

And that's that.  Hopefully I'll get some more use out of these now that I can keep them with the rest of my daily stuff.

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