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It's holiday palette season! Next up is Kat Von D's MetalMatte palette:

Kat Von D MetalMatte palette
I really enjoyed last year's Mi Vida Loca Remix palette, I have a few of the Metal Crush eyeshadows, and my only beef with the Monarch palette was that it had so few mattes, so it seemed like this palette would be a great buy despite its hefty price tag of $75. To be fair, this is a big palette (though hardly the biggest):

A few other palettes for comparison

There is 25.08 oz of product in this palette, which means the price works out to only $37.40 per ounce.  Comparatively speaking, the Monarch palette is $75.76 per ounce and the Naked Ultimate Basics is $141.67 per ounce. So the MetalMatte is actually a hell of a deal.

It's also very cleverly packaged:

But because nothing can ever be quite perfect, there are a couple of things that irk me. And no, it's not the physical size of the palette. First, the metallic shades don't line up with their corresponding matte shades. I realize this is because the mattes and metals each run along their own gradient across the palette, but I still would rather there had been some way to make them match up better (blue above blue, purple above purple, etc.)

Kat Von D MetalMatte

The other thing is that the holes for the pans are slightly larger than the pans are, leaving gaps around each. As a result, shit is going to get dusty in there real quick. Besides, it just looks sloppy - some of the pans are skewed because they shifted when they were dropped in.

Shit is crooked, man.
I'll probably get over it.

Anyway, the shadow quality does not disappoint, and that's the important thing. The matte shades are very soft and pigmented, so they apply and blend well without getting muddy.

Linen / Jet / Velour / Stone / Moss

Linen is a stark white. It applied a little patchy in the swatch, but shows up well on my skin.

Jet is a plain black. It was also a tiny bit patchy. I've used it in the outer corner for a look and had the same issue. I think it would do well as an all-over lid colour for a black smoky eye but it doesn't blend quite as well as I'd like.

Velour looks kind of shimmery in the pan, but it is definitely a matte in application. It's a very rich, dimensional colour, and it applies and blends well.

Stone is a medium grey. I was very excited at how smoothly it swatched, and it blends like a dream.

Moss is a hunter green. It was very similar in texture and application to Stone.

Ribbon / Silk / Fringe / Feather / Oak

Ribbon is a true purple. I was very disappointed in the swatch but it applied very well to the lid. It just needs a little love.

Silk is a muted fuschia purple. It applies true to colour, which can be difficult for purples. It's very smooth and blendable.

Fringe is a pale pink. It's very close to my skin tone but still applies opaque and smooth. I was pleasantly surprised by its performance.

Feather is a yellow beige. It's also very pigmented and buttery.

Oak is a plain brown. It had one of the strongest swatches, very opaque and silky. It will do a beautiful job as a crease colour or an all-over lid colour.

Suede / Bone / Velvet

Suede is a taupe beige. I mix it with Bone as a browbone colour, and have also used it as a transition shade. It blended very well in both cases. The swatch is very strong, but tough to see because it's very close to my skin tone.

Bone is an extremely light beige. I prefer it to Linen because of the hint of beige in it (I don't frequently use flat whites). It applies very smooth and near opaque.

Velvet is a dark purple. Some of the colour is lost when blended, but it can be built to get it back. There is no patchiness or chalkiness when applied.

The metallic shades are all in the Metal Crush formula, which is extremely pigmented and easy to use. One of the shades in this palette (Synergy) is also available as a single, but fortunately that is not one of the ones I already owned.

Nebula / Watt / Ignite

Nebula is a deep blue. It has plenty of depth, which will make it a great lid colour.

Watt is a vaguely teal-leaning green. It's very dimensional, almost like there is just a hint of duochrome going on.

Ignite is a greenish silver. It's extremely smooth and opaque.

Tinsel / Glitz / Twinkle
Tinsel is a chunky pewter silver. It swatched very smoothly, which was kind of shocking considering the heavy glitter, but there was no fallout or spreading at all.

Glitz is a pale blush pink. This one also has a little hint of duochrome, and looks white on the lid when viewed from the right angle.

Twinkle is a lavender purple. It's buttery smooth and super pigmented despite its pale colour.

Volt / Synergy / Flash

Volt is a medium purple with pink shimmer. It applies opaque and continues to build.

Synergy is an orangey-brown bronze. This one was the hands-down winner of my swatches, it was the most pigmented and smoothly applied in one swipe of the brush. I'm very much looking forward to having some fun with it just from how impressive the swatch was.

Flash is a dark gold. It was almost as perfect as Synergy when swatched.

Flash is extremely similar to Thrasher, one of the single Metal Crush shadows:

Doce / Synergy / Flash / Thrasher
Dose looks somewhat similar to Synergy in the pan, but as you can see from this photo, they are quite different. Flash and Thrasher are much closer, but Thrasher is slightly darker, more of an antique gold. You definitely wouldn't need both, though.

Overall I'm very happy with the quality of the palette, especially the metallic shades. This palette is so big and varied, there is a huge number of looks that would be possible.  The large selection of mattes makes this palette extremely versatile, with the metals for alternative looks or some added fun in a more subtle look. I've tried a couple of arty looks (one mostly metal and one mostly matte), and more softer more romantic look which is a fair mix of both metals and mattes.

Suede, Bone, Nebula, Volt, Velour, Silk, Velvet, Twinkle

Suede / Bone / Stone / Moss / Watt / Feather / Flash
Suede / Bone / Silk / Fringe / Glitz / Jet / Ribbon / Twinkle

Like Mi Vida Loca Remix, the palette comes with three looks you can copy, or use as a jumping-off point for your own creativity. My second took inspiration from the yellow lid and grey cut crease look in the guide, but I went a little more geometric with mine (using Kat Von D tattoo liner in "Trooper").

I actually appreciate these being in here, because having this many shadows in one place has the potential to be overwhelming. Try one out, have some fun, mess around. That's the whole point of a palette like this!

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